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Porto Seguro, Bahia


Festival Schedule & Competition info


Prepare to run on minimal sleep,
it's going to be a BIG week!

9 Nights of partying with Brazil's most exciting dancers and 8 afternoons of workshops.



Let's start by saying the workshops you will experience at the Brazouka Beach Festival will not have the same old lessons you've experienced before. Our teachers will be working hard to make sure you leave Porto Seguro dancing at a whole new level!

We will be providing not just new moves, but professionally validated techniques to help you with some of the most elusive aspects of social dancing - secret partnering tips, and how to lead and follow thrillingly different fusion styles. For example, Sarita will be sharing her contemporary dance based methods of engaging your core to help you lead of follow even the most adventurous partnering styles!

No more guessing 'which workshops should I attend?' We will be posting in advance detailed breakdowns of what will be taught in each class, so you will be able to make confident and relevant choices!

We have assembled a group of the very best teachers in the world! We have Lambazouk Masters such as Braz and Romina, Didi and Patricia, Gilson, Bebe, Josy and Leo Bruno. We have many other amazing Brazilian Zouk Masters in varying styles, such as Renata Pecanha, Adilio Porto, Renato Veronezi and Babi Pacheco. We have teachers who have truly earned their high status in the Zouk world through their many students - in Brazil and Internationally - they have expertly taught and nurtured - Philipe Miha, Papagaio & Olaya, Rodrigo Delano, Paty Lira, Ricardo Ferrari, Laura & Xavi, Joe & Solange, and Renato Dias.

We will be offering classes in every Zouk style from Lambada - Porto style - to the most creative and contemporary forms in every beat. We will be offering new fusion classes, such as Lamboeira - a fusion of lambada and capoeira taught by Adriana and Italo. We will be offering classes in Samba de Gaffieira, Samba Funkeado and Samba No Pe - taught by samba luminaries Leo Fortes & Robertinha and Tais & Walter. We will be offering Kizomba classes. And as if that's not enough, the Master of Masters Jaime Arroxa will be giving YOU the benefit of his many years of excellence in dancer development.

We will also be providing semi-professional and professional workshops in interpretive acting for dance and stagecraft, taught by Brazouka leaders. And if you ever hoped to be in an international dance company, here's your chance to shine in classes and on the dance floor to catch the attention of Brazouka talent scouts!

Whew!!! It's going to be A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!


Move your hips, roll your body, dip, sway, turn, and thrill to every kind of beat! Connect together on (and off) the two spacious Club Energia dance floors! The incredible, huge party space is the best we've seen anywhere, with places to strut, chill, eat, drink, swim and, er, whatever else you plan to do!!!

Our world class DJs will preside over the main dance floor in our second level balcony, with VIP and media platforms on either side of an imposing stage. All just three meters from the beach!