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There are plenty of places to stay in Porto Seguro, but it is best to book early because there is high demand over the New Year period. Ideally, although public transport by bus and vehicle rental are options, you might find it easiest to book somewhere within walking distance of our Festival home where all lessons and parties will be held - Club Energia! It is situated on the beach, only 800 metres from the main town of Porto Seguro, which means there are lots of hotels, restaurants and shopping nearby!
Here are some suggestions for hotels ( there are many more, and some can be reserved on Trip Adviser, and similar sites. Anything further north than Curuipe Beach will be rather too far to walk, although buses and taxis are available. When booking, be sure to check distances for yourself! Many Hotels or Posadas in the northern part of central Porto Seguro will be less than 1K from the Festival site



Pousada São Luiz
Avenida 22 de Abril, 329, Porto Seguro City Centre, Porto Seguro, Brasil
+55 (73) 3288-2238

Pousada Jandaias
Rua das jandaias, N°44, Centro - Porto Seguro - Bahia - Brasil
+55(73) 3268-2355

Hotel Porto Real
Rua Cova da Moça, 400 – Port Seguro, Bahia, Brasil+55 (73)  3288-1933

Hotel Lagoa Azul
Rua Cova da Moça, 638, Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brasil
+55 73 3288-1313

Hotel Galeao
Av dos Navegantes, 300, Porto Seguro City Centre, Porto Seguro, Brasil
+55 (73) 3288-2122


Hotel Shangrila
Rua do Cajueiro, 70, Centro
Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brasil
+55 (73) 3162.6505

Bem Brazil Hotel
Telephone +55(73)3288-2532
Av. 22 de Abril 343, Centro - Porto Seguro

Hotel Adriattico
73 3268.6600
Avenida 22 de Abril, 1075 - Centro
Porto Seguro - Bahia - Brasil

Hotel Eden Praia
Av. Vinte e Dois de Abril, 45, Porto Seguro, 
Booking via several sites such as tripadvisor,



Shalimar Praia Hotel
Beira Mar Avenue, 01, Cruzeiro Beach
45810-00, Porto Seguro, Brazil
Phone: +557332887000
Fax: 55 73 3288 7013
Hotel Ratings: 4 Star


The Following hotels are a longer walk from the venue,
on the beach road away from the centre

Quinta Do Sol Praia Hotel
Av. Beira Mar, km 1 , 1969, Praia de Curuípe,
Porto Seguro, Bahía, Brazil
+55 (73) 3268-8500

Quinta Do Sol Lite Praia Hotel
Rod br 367, 1969, Curuipe,
Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil
+55 (73) 3268-8500

Sunshine Praia Hotel
Avenida Beira Mar, 1200, Praia de Taperapuã,
Porto Seguro, Brasil

Hotel Brisa da Praia
+55 (73) 3288-8600 | 8834-0012

Porto Seguro Praia Hotel
+55 (73) 32889330/32889393

Hotel Portal do Mundai
Av. Beira Mar, 4.500
Praia do Mundaí
Porto Seguro - Bahia
Fone: (73) 3162.6500 | 3162.6510

Oasis Praia Hotel
Avenida Beira Mar, BR 367, km 75,

Praia do Mutá, Porto Seguro - Ba
(73) 3677-1207 (73) 3677-1170

Hotel Porto Calem
Porto Cálem Praia Hotel – Av. Beira Mar, 1.999 
Praia de Curuípe – Porto Seguro – Bahia
Central de Reservas +55 (73) 3268.8400

There are many more beach hotels and apartments further north on great beaches!